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What Foods Should You Eat For Weight Loss

weight loss foods

When the summer is quickly approaching, you want to be in the best shape you can be. In order to get in shape and lose weight, you must change the way you are eating and the foods you are consuming. There are many different diet plans out there and you may be confused as to which one you should try or which one is most effective. To lose the most weight, you must find a diet that works for you and stick to it. This may take awhile to figure out. Keep reading to learn which foods you should eat to lose the most weight.

Eat vegetables. Make sure you eat fresh vegetables when you want to lose weight. Eat more salads and cut back on starchy foods like bread. Also avoid foods that contain sugar unless it’s natural like fruit. The best thing about vegetables is that you can eat as many as you want and it’s still good for you.

Protein is a great way to boost your weight loss. You can find protein in fish, chicken and other meats, peanut butter and nuts. If you are looking for snacks that contain protein, you can eat beef jerky and nuts like almonds.

Cut out bread and other foods that contain carbs. This is most effective when you do it at the beginning of your diet. Then you can slowly increase your intake. First you will want to introduce fruits that have good carbs. Stick to apples, grapes and oranges.

Now you know more about different types of foods to eat for weight loss, you can start losing weight now. There isn’t any particular diet you should follow, but find a way to eat that works for you and that gives you the results you want.


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Weight Loss Diet Plans That Work

weight loss diets

There are diets and diet plans galore to help you lose those excess pounds that make you look so ungainly –but how many of them actually work? (more…)

A Short Guide to Foods to Avoid if You Have High Cholesterol

high cholesterol high-fat foods

The human body produces a series of specific fats for its proper functioning. One of these fats is cholesterol. Cholesterol is a lipid that is produced by the liver and in small quantities derived from certain foods, mainly animal derived foods (as animals liver produce cholesterol too). It is transported in the blood by molecules called lipoproteins. There are two types of lipoproteins, commonly known as “good” and “bad”:

– HDL: high-density lipoproteins are responsible for collecting excess cholesterol from the body and expel it through the liver.
– LDL: the low-density lipoproteins carry cholesterol from the liver, delivering it into the cells to be used for many functions, but it can build up in the walls of arteries, which is harmful to health, and especially to our hearts.

Therefore, the problem arises when the body produces excess LDL and when we also eat too many saturated fats that the body can not expel.

What can be done to control or reduce cholesterol?

According to experts, maintaining good cholesterol levels (below 200 mg / dl blood) helps keep the heart healthy. To prevent cholesterol buildup in the arteries, it is essential to follow a healthy lifestyle and get checked periodically. It is best to exercise and a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals, vegetable oil, and fish. Not only foods high in cholesterol should be restricted or limited, even those that are high in saturated fats, as they indirectly make cholesterol levels in the blood to increase. Let’s review high cholesterol foods list to restrict in the case of hypercholesterolemia.

Foods to limit when your cholesterol is high

– Dairy: avoid whole milk, creams, ice cream, cheese and yogurt that is not skim.
– Eggs: remove the yolk, which is where is all the cholesterol and fat in eggs.
– Meat: do not eat duck, goose, and fatty cuts. Avoid eating sausages, burgers, organs meat (kidney, liver, brain).
– Fats: do not eat butter (butter), bacon and cream sauces.
– Desserts: avoid white chocolate and peanut butter.
– Bread: try not to eat bread and pastries containing fats, eggs, and whole milk, nor muffins, donuts.
– Beverages: attempt to avoid the consumption of high alcoholic drinks and limit to one drink daily intakes of beer and wine.
– Condiments: use less mayonnaise because it contains egg.


How to Find a Pressure Cooker That Meets Your Needs

pressure cooking

Cooking is very important in the household because people love to eat. It is also important to serve good and delicious food, especially when there are visitors. In this case, you should invest in a pressure cooker to cook dishes such as chicken, pork, fish, and more.

Pressure cooker is needed to make your everyday cooking activities simpler and safer. The pressure cooker will allow you to select temperatures and times, depending on your preferences and needs. Each pressure cooker has its specialties which make them suitable for certain types of people. The search for what is the best pressure cooker not easy. For the more practical people, those who are not willing to spend a large of money on a pressure cooker, there are a lot of choices you can choose from but most of them will not meet your needs. At this rate, getting the best pressure cooker for the money is very important-especially when summer is coming and family vacations and gatherings will be frequent.

To find a pressure cooker that fit your needs, you must first educate yourself about such kind of products. Learn the most prominent features, the benefits of using it and look upon the range of sizes that they can deliver. The second phase will now include looking for the product that will fit your need. No product is perfect: you have to learn the pros and cons of each product. Though features and specifications only look good on paper and you might want to know how they really contend with real time events and situations. Despite not having the ability to test everything one by one, so the pressure cooker reviews from those who have used it as necessary.

Why You Should Invest In a Pressure Cooker?

The pressure cooker has a lot of features and benefits that will help you prepare delicious meals and simple. Here are some of the benefits of a pressure cooker that will meet your cooking needs:

  • It has a remote control do you can set the temperature, timer, internal light and meat temperatures.
  • Most pressure cookers have cooking racks for cooking meat, chicken, fish, pork and more, usually around 4 to 5.
  • The locking door and the inner liner help in keeping the heat and the taste of food inside so it won’t spread all over the place.
  • Pressure cookers are simple and easy to control, thanks to the digital display and buttons where you can measure the temperature with just a few clicks.
  • No need to worry about fire management or temperature control because everything can be done in just a few clicks. And your food can be cooked in just a short span of time.
  • Most pressure cookers are lightweight and easily portable so you can bring it anywhere in your house and cook wherever you prefer. In addition, it also saves you a lot of space in your home.
  • You can make your cooking better and faster because everything is just at your fingertips. And the best part is you don’t have to spend a lot because there are a lot of high-quality pressure cookers that are affordable and will fit your budget, but give a high-performance in cooking your meat, fish, pork, chicken, vegetables and more.


These are just some of its features and benefits that will help your cooking become easy and hassle-free. In this article, I have explained why the pressure cooker is indispensable in your home. So what is your decision, you should invest in a pressure cooker or not? That is entirely up to you and we hope that this article will help you find and choose a perfect pressure cooker that suit your needs.

Tips for a Low Cholesterol Low-Fat and Low Sodium Diet Plan

low cholesterol cod fish recipe

It is always demanding to follow a low cholesterol diet because there are many limits placed on the various food types. For example, with a diet that is low in cholesterol, carbohydrates, and fat, you will need to exclude many sugary fruits, starchy vegetables, and processed foods. By planning your meals carefully and making sure you avoid snack foods that are unhealthy, you will be able to keep your diet balanced.

Meat, Poultry, Fish

In your low cholesterol diet, it is important to emphasize meats that are lean with all fat that is visible trimmed away. Make sure to purchase chicken or turkey without the skin or take it off before eating it. Poultry and meat do contain saturated fat, but if you use less fatty types, you can lower your fat intake and still be able to get enough protein. Fish is usually lower in saturated fat than either poultry or meat. Many foods also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower cholesterol. These cholesterol-lowering foods include mackerel, salmon, tuna, halibut and herring according to cholesterolmenu.com. It is also important to eat fish twice a week, if not more. Try to broil, grill or bake meat, fish and poultry rather than frying.

Fruits and Veggies

Foods that are low in calories, cholesterol and sodium are fruits and vegetables. These foods also don’t have any trans fat, saturated fat or cholesterol. As a bonus, most often they are also high in vitamins. However, certain foods are an exception to this are avocados, coconuts, and olives. All of these foods are high in fat. When buying frozen vegetables or fruits, make sure you have checked the label and are sure the product doesn’t have any added salt, butter or sugar. Also, if you’re following a low-salt diet, be sure to stay away from vegetables that are packed in brine because these are very high in salt.

Choose Healthy Snacking

It is important for everyone to snack in a healthy way, especially children. As you learn how to eat low-cholesterol, low-sodium and low-fat foods all day, you will probably find that eating this way is a lot easier than you first thought. If you eat snacks that are raw vegetables and fruits, you will get no cholesterol, low sodium and only tiny amounts of fat. So enjoy these fresh vegetable snacks combined with protein and your appetite will be curbed and your energy level will go up dramatically. For example, you can eat a great snack that consists of baby carrots dipped in ranch dressing that is fat-free. Or, you can have air-popped popcorn sprinkled with a spice that you love, such as garlic powder or chili powder. Another great choice would be banana slices or sticks of celery with low-fat peanut butter or low-fat, low-salt cheddar cheese on apple wedges. A delicious fresh fruit salad would certainly be a very healthy snack. Try to have fresh fruit for your snacks instead of processed, higher fat foods such as those you might find in the vending machine.

Limiting Fats

Another big reason to limit your dietary fat is that it is usually very high in calories. That increases your chances of becoming obese and of getting other diseases. Of course, you need some fat in your food, but you should choose the right amounts and types of fat in order to get the best health outcome for you. The American Heart Association has suggested that you should have a total fat intake that is no greater than 35% of the daily calories you consume. In addition, they recommend that you get no more than 10% of your calories per day from either polyunsaturated or saturated fats. If you consume fat, it should be of the monounsaturated variety. If your LDL cholesterol level is high, to lower it, you will need to limit saturated fat consumption to a high of 7% of daily calories. It is best to eat fish more than poultry or meat, to choose low-fat dairy items and to use nut or vegetable oils rather than lard or butter.

DIY Hog Roast Recipe

diy hog roast recipe

Hog roasting has been around for generations, and very little of it has changed from the days of cavemen. Sure, the equipment is much nicer, but the pigs still take the same amount of time to cook. The flavours are still the same. The sense of community around the pit is timeless. (more…)